IREC Webinar: The Possibilities of EV Charging- Webinar Recording
Wednesday, September 28 2:30PM-4PM EST

Electric vehicles are here, and more are joining the roads every day. Join our panelists to discuss funding options available to install charging stations at your property and hear how some cities and towns have benefited from being EV-friendly. Learn about how you can be part of the EV revolution, even if you weren’t sure how quickly it would arrive! Topics include:

  • Overview of funding opportunities
  • Examples and case studies of successful EV charging infrastructure
  • What is electrification? And why does it matter?
  • How permitting and inspection are improving to save time and money for installers and consumers


Diana Burk (Moderator)

Project Manager

New Buildings Institute

New Buildings Institute is a non-profit whose mission is to push for better buildings that achieve zero energy, zero carbon and beyond through research, policy guidance and market transformation. Diana works to establish EV infrastructure and other building code requirements both locally and nationally to combat climate change. She also leads a DOE funded project to streamline the permitting and inspection process for Electric Vehicles. She has a B.S. in Physics from Davidson College and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University.

Anne Blair

Policy Director

Electrification Coalition

Anne serves as the EC’s policy director, with a focus on promoting policies and programs that will transform the transportation sector. Prior to joining EC, Anne was the Director of Energy Efficient Transportation at the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, overseeing strategy, programming and outreach for all of SEEA’s transportation initiatives. Before SEEA, Anne worked at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) as its clean fuels director, working on transportation and clean energy policy for fifteen years. She has also previously worked at The Coca-Cola Company, The Fund for Public Interest Research, Americorps and the River Network. She serves on multiple boards including the EV Club of the South, Mothers and Others for Clean Air and EarthShare of Georgia. Anne holds a bachelor’s degree from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, and a Master’s degree in environmental law and policy from Vermont Law School. When not working on environmental and energy issues, she enjoys hiking, cycling, traveling, reading, drinking IPAs and spending time with her son, husband, Australian Shepherd and friends.

Kevin Wood

Technical Project Manager


Mr. Wood brings nearly 15 years’ experience managing electric transportation programs and projects for federal, state, and local governments. He has applied knowledge of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles, transportation technologies, and state and federal energy and transportation policies to lead advanced infrastructure planning efforts in California. Mr. Wood managed alternative fuel market development under California Energy Commission and U.S Department of Energy programs, providing market assessment, best practices development, training coordination, and technical assistance. Other efforts have included collecting and analyzing data on technology evaluation, vehicle emissions, EVSE siting & permitting, EV adoption, travel trends, and fuel pricing trends.

Jessica Wilcox


Granite State Clean Cities Coalition

Jessica Wilcox joined the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services as Transportation Program Specialist and Granite State Clean Cities Coalition (GSCCC) Director in September, 2017. GSCCC is a collaboration of over 150 public and private stakeholders from all regions of New Hampshire working to reduce petroleum consumption in transportation.

GSCCC provides alternative fuel- and technology-neutral support to NH fleets, municipalities, and businesses through education and outreach, grants management, and event coordination. The Coalition also provides project planning and technical assistance to NH stakeholders that have adopted, or are exploring adoption, of alternative fuels (e.g., propane, natural gas, biodiesel), advanced technology vehicles (e.g., electric, hybrid), and other fuel-saving strategies.

Wilcox has 20+ years of experience in both the automotive industry and non-profit grants management. She holds degrees in early childhood education and broadcast communications.

Stephen Lommele

Interim Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Lead

Joint Office of Energy and Transportation

Steve Lommele is on detail to the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). In this role, he leads communications and stakeholder engagement, supports technical assistance and capacity building, and collaborates with internal and external partners on workforce development priorities.

He joined NREL in 2008 and is a project leader in the Center for Integrated Mobility Sciences. Previously, he led collaborative efforts with end-users of NREL and U.S. Department of Energy transportation and mobility research to deploy innovative solutions for advanced transportation projects, encompassing alternative fuels, mobility systems, electric vehicles, fleet operation, and transportation efficiency. He also worked with Clean Cities coalitions and other industry stakeholders on efforts related to the energy impacts of evolving transportation technologies, managed the Alternative Fueling Station Locator, and coordinated standards development for electric vehicle supply equipment data sharing.

Before joining NREL, he worked as an outreach and education field programs manager for the International Mountain Bicycling Association, where he traveled the country and worked with advocates and land managers in 43 states. He also spent six years working in public relations, supporting clients in the technology industry. He holds a master’s degree in environmental policy and management from the University of Denver and a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Contents (8)


Webinar (Presentation #1) Introduction to IREC & Presentation on EV101, Why Drive Electric?
Recorded 09/28/2022  |  8 minutes
Recorded 09/28/2022  |  8 minutes Learn about IREC's EMPOWERED program to create resources that will help those on the front lines of DER adoption—like first responders, safety officials, and building managers and owners—keep up with these rapidly emerging and advancing technologies. Start off this webinar and listen in to our moderator Diana Burke, Project Manager with New Buildings Institute as she sets the stage with a brief presentation on EV101. Diana discusses the main benefits of EVs including cost savings, environmental benefits, and more.
Webinar (Presentation #2)- Enabling EV Infrastructure Investments
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  9 minutes
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  9 minutes In this second presentation listen in as Jessica Wilcox of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services discusses how communities can participate in enabling EV infrastructure investments in their community as well as best practices for streamlining the permitting and inspection processes.
Webinar (Presentation #2.1)- EV- Ready Requirements
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  6 minutes
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  6 minutes Before our third presenter, moderator Diana Burke returns to show us how many cities and states have passed EV-Ready Requirements as either an ordinance or a code change. Diana also explains how NBI proposed that the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) include EV-readiness requirements for both new residential and commercial parking spots into the next version of the 2024 IECC code.
Webinar (Presentation #3)- EV charging for multi-family dwellings
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  11 minutes
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  11 minutes In the third presentation join Kevin Wood Technical Project Manager/Sustainable Transportation, Energetics (formerly Center for Sustainable Energy). Kevin gives an overview of a project focused on adoption of EV charging at multi-family dwellings (MUD). Hear about the challenges and opportunities to installing EV chargers at MUD buildings and what tools and resources are available.
Webinar (Presentation #4)- Transportation Electrification Opportunities
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  18 minutes
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  18 minutes The fourth presentation of this EV charging webinar features Anne Blair, Director of Policy, Electrification Coalition. In her presentation Anne takes a deeper look at opportunities for EV charging infrastructure sharing the benefits and how to overcome challenges. Anne shares details from nationwide case studies and surveys from early adopters to help frame the information in her presentation.
Webinar (Presentation #5)- Overview of National Electric Vehicle Charging
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  10 minutes
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  10 minutes In the final presentation join Stephen Lommele, the U.S. DOE/ NREL Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Lead at the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation. Stephen builds on the previous presentations by giving us a look at what is happening at the national level related to funding and technical assistance to support a national network of EV charging.
Webinar (Presentation #6)- End of Webinar Q&A
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  8 minutes
Recorded 09/27/2022  |  8 minutes During this Q&A session, the presenters cover a few questions from the audience about ADA parking requirements for EV charging equipment, and solid state circuit breaker solutions. When you are done, please consider filling out a short survey which goes a long way to helping us provide resources that most effectively meet your needs and those of the EMPOWERED project.
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