Continuing Safe Permitting and Inspection Practices during COVID-19 Webinar

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Recorded On: 04/06/2020


0:00 - Presentation Introduction by Steve Jones, Chairman of the Sustainable Energy Action Committee (SEAC) and Assistant Building Official of the City of Oceanside, CA

3:04 - Introduction by Larry Sherwood, President & CEO of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), which will be the administrator of SEAC under a forthcoming Department of Energy grant

6:28 - 9:44 Panelist introductions and acknowledgments by Jeff Spies, Secretary of SEAC, President of Planet Plan Sets, and Chair of the Codes and Standards Committee of the California Solar and Storage Association (CALSSA)
10:50 - Jeff Spies begins the presentation

28:47 - Presentation by Donny Cook - Chief Electrical Inspector, Shelby County, AL. Shelby County has been doing remote inspections for about 10 years. 

38:43 - presentation by Mostafa Kashe - Chief Electrical Inspector, Los Angeles County. LA County has been implementing some elements for about 2 years.

50:50 - presentation by Darold Wiley - Senior Electrical Inspector, City of Irvine, CA. Irvine implemented remote inspection in response to COVID-19 (late March 2020)

55:04 - presentation by David Gans - Chief Building Official, City of Oceanside, CA. Oceanside also implemented remote inspection. 

1:07:22 - Jeff Spies shares additional solar permitting and inspection resources

1:08:48 - Panelist contact information

1:09:05 - SEAC contact information and info on how to subscribe to updates

1:10:14 Q&A starts 


Webinar Recording
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Open to view video. Confronted by the current global pandemic, building departments across the country are facing a challenging question: “Do we shut down or stay open?”  Jeff Spies moderates a stellar panel of experts weigh in on options that allow for safe, continued building department operations while maximizing the safety of solar installations. This webinar, hosted Monday, April 6th addresses how building departments can continue operations, using no-touch permitting and practices while preserving permitting and inspection quality. Panelists include Steve Jones, Assistant Building Official Oceanside, California, Chairman SEAC Larry Sherwood, IREC President & CEO Mostafa Kashe - Chief Electrical Inspector for Los Angeles County Dave Gans - Chief Building Official for Oceanside, California Darold Wiley, Sr. Electrical Inspector for Irvine, California Donny Cook - Chief Electrical Inspector for Shelby County, Alabama
Slides -Continuing Safe Permitting and Inspection Practices
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