National Tools for Shared Renewables Program Design Webinar

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IREC and VoteSolar recently released a new checklist to help regulators and interested stakeholders evaluate and improve voluntary community solar across the country. The resource describes seven key principles and topics:

● Expand customer access to clean energy
● Offer tangible economic benefits for all participating customers
● Identify ways to promote project development cost savings
● Prioritize the customer experience
● Promote competition
● Optimize community solar to benefit the grid and community
● Complement existing programs

The focus on utility-led community solar programs in this new tool is not intended to imply or recommend that voluntary offerings should be the only programs made available. It also does not take a position on utility-ownership. This checklist highlights key considerations to support replicable successes across diverse markets.

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Webinar: National Tools for Shared Renewables Program Design
Recorded 11/28/2018
Recorded 11/28/2018 View the 1 hour webinar. Send your comments, questions, and suggestions for Shared Renewables best practices to [email protected]
A Checklist for Voluntary Utility-Led Community Solar Programs
Recorded 12/13/2018
Recorded 12/13/2018 Visit the publications page on the IREC website to download the checklist - FREE!