Planning for the equitable and safe deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure- (EMPOWERED Solutions Webinar Recording)

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Electric vehicles are here and (millions) more are on the way. Ambitious EV adoption goals from local, state, and federal governments need reliable and equitable charging infrastructure. There are resources available to inform decision-makers in every aspect of the planning, implementation, and enforcement processes. However, we can all use help finding the most appropriate resources, identifying what parts of the resources are applicable to our given stage in the process, and identifying where to turn when we hit a roadblock.

You can expect to hear:

  • Examples of the practices of leading municipalities to make the local approval process for siting and installation of charging infrastructure clear, predictable, and equitable. 
  • The first hand experience of a Madiscon, WI City Council member who shepherded through an EV charging ordinance. 
  • How the City of Phoenix is using their Roadmap to Prepare for 280,000 EV’s by 2030.

Karen Apple

Electric Vehicle Program Manager

City of Phoenix Office of Sustainability

Karen Apple has over a decade of experience and knowledge in public policy issues and project management related to transportation and the environment. Karen joined the City of Phoenix Office of Sustainability as the Electric Vehicle Program Manager in March 2020, and manages the planning and program development of projects that support the accelerated adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). This work includes developing EV education and awareness initiatives; implementing the installation of charging stations for public, City workplace, and fleet use; implementing EV-ready building codes; coordinating with City departments to integrate EVs into the fleet; and continuing to collaborate with other local, regional, and state stakeholders and utility partners to increase EV adoption and decrease air quality emissions.

Syed Abbas

Director of Education and Training


Syed Abbas is the Director of Education and Training at Slipstream, a Madison-based nonprofit organization focused on renewable energy. Syed has experience working statewide with utility companies and developing education and training programs for both commercial and industrial accounts. Syed promotes innovation and engagement by delivering education and training programs using videos, webinars, virtual energy efficiency summits, and engaging customers with in-person events. Syed also served as an alder and President of the Common Council of Madison, WI.

Ed Gilliland

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives

Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)

Ed Gilliland is Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives at IREC. He also oversees the Puerto Rican Solar Business Accelerator. His past leadership roles include SolSmart, American Cities Climate Challenge, Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (CPACE), Solar Ready Vets, and the National Solar Jobs Census. He was principal author for the 2015–2019 National Solar Jobs Census reports and the 2017 Solar Schools report. Prior to joining IREC, Ed was Senior Director at The Solar Foundation, which merged with IREC in 2021.


Webinar (Presentation #1) Introduction to IREC & Presentation on the City of Phoenix Electric Vehicle Roadmap
Recorded 10/10/2023  |  28 minutes
Recorded 10/10/2023  |  28 minutes Learn about IREC's EMPOWERED program to create resources that will help those on the front lines of DER adoption—like first responders, safety officials, and building managers and owners—keep up with these rapidly emerging and advancing technologies.  The first presentation of this webinar, hear from Karen Apple, Electric Vehicle Program Manager at the City of Phoenix Office of Sustainability about the lessons learned from developing a roadmap for electric vehicles.
Webinar (Presentation #2)- Lessons learned from an EV charging ordinance in Madison, Wisconsin
Recorded 10/10/2023  |  15 minutes
Recorded 10/10/2023  |  15 minutes In this second presentation listen in on firsthand experience of a Madison, WI City Council member who shepherded through an EV charging ordinance. You will learn, how to incorporate EV charging into comprehensive planning and what is meant by EV-Capable, EV-Ready, and EVSE-Installed. (defined in the International Energy Conservation Code).
Webinar (Presentation #3)- How to incorporate EV charging into zoning bylaws & Closing Q&A and Resources
Recorded 03/21/2023  |  41 minutes
Recorded 03/21/2023  |  41 minutes In the final presentation of this webinar listen in to IREC Senior Director Strategic Initiatives, Ed Gilliland who provides an overview of a recent guidance document produced by IREC and RMI, Planning and Zoning for Electric Vehicle Charger Deployment, and how it can be useful for planning and zoning decisions. Stick around to the end for a closing summary of the webinar and links to more resources.
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