Residential Building Electrification Pathways- Webinar Recording

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Across the country, there is a move toward building electrification, replacing appliances that use other fuels with electricity. Learn about the trends in retrofitting we are most likely to see in the coming years that move the U.S. toward a 100% electric future. Panelists also answer questions about how the following efficiency technologies can work together: Weatherization, heat pump water heating, efficient heat pumps, induction stoves, and electric infrastructure upgrades.

You can expect to hear:

  • Common things that building owners and code officials may notice (based on code cycle and location) and how to resolve them
  • Pathways toward 100% electrification—it doesn’t have to happen all at once!
  • The role heat pump space and water heating technology play in the transition
  • Tools and training to help code officials, homeowners, and policymakers better understand the transition
  • How the SolSmart program can help communities improve permitting and inspection processes to support electrification with solar power

Alexi Miller

Acting Director of Building Innovation

New Buildings Institute (NBI)

Alexi Miller is Acting Director of Building Innovation and lead engineer at the New Buildings Institute (NBI). Alexi leads a team that provides technical expertise to drive adoption of advanced building decarbonization technologies and practices. His team is the technical backbone supporting a wide variety of decarbonization, grid integration, and electrification efforts both within NBI and beyond. Alexi oversees national-scale collaborative efforts including the Advanced Water Heating Initiative and the GridOptimal Buildings Initiative.

Scott Hackel

Vice President of Research


Scott Hackel is Vice President of Research at Slipstream. Scott Hackel leads the Research + Innovation team in its mission to discover, test, and scale the strategies and technologies that impact climate and equity. As a veteran of the energy efficiency industry, he understands the challenges of unpacking climate solutions that benefit everyone. Scott earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as a graduate certificate in energy analysis and policy. He is an active member of both USGBC Wisconsin and ASHRAE, where he serves on the national Task Force for Building Decarbonization and other committees.

Mark Ditch

Senior Energy Engineer

National Grid Energy Services

Mark Ditch is Senior Energy Engineer at National Grid Energy Services. Mark has 28 years of experience as an engineering consultant and construction supervisor in the HVAC and energy industries. As manager of an energy services group, he provided energy audits, central plant improvements, HVAC energy efficient design, combined heat and power plant evaluation, design, and construction administration. In addition, Mark provides commissioning services for new and remodeled mechanical, electrical, and energy management systems.

Adam McMillen

Director of Sustainability


Adam McMillen is Director of Sustainability at IMEG Corp, where he leads the firm’s high-performance building design and project sustainability efforts. In addition to implementing technical design strategies that improve building performance, reduce energy use, and preserve natural resources, Adam leads IMEG’s energy modeling team and builds industry relationships that positively impact the built environment. Adam is a licensed professional mechanical engineer with extensive knowledge of energy and life-cycle cost analysis.


Webinar (Presentation #1) Introduction to IREC & Presentation on how code officials and building owners can prepare for electrification
Recorded 02/21/2023  |  17 minutes
Recorded 02/21/2023  |  17 minutes Learn about IREC's EMPOWERED program to create resources that will help those on the front lines of DER adoption—like first responders, safety officials, and building managers and owners—keep up with these rapidly emerging and advancing technologies.  The first presentation of this webinar, hear from Chief Electrical Inspector of Bakersfield, California, Pete Jackson. Pete opens up the webinar by showing us that an all-electric home is not a new concept and how and when to consider electrical service and/or utility upgrades from the perspective of the National Electric Code (NEC).
Webinar (Presentation #2)- Pathways to Building Electrification
Recorded 02/21/2023  |  24 minutes
Recorded 02/21/2023  |  24 minutes In this second presentation listen in as Zak Paine, HVAC Installation Consultant with Slipstream discusses how building electrification does not have to happen all at once and what are some of the pathways to achieving residential building electrification.
Webinar (Presentation #3)- High Efficiency Electrification Technology Training & Education
Recorded 02/21/2023  |  12 minutes
Recorded 02/21/2023  |  12 minutes In the third presentation, join Bryce Seymour, Project Manager at New Buildings Institute. In his talk, Bryce shares information about some high-efficiency electrification technology education and training that is available for building owners, contractors/ inspectors, and policymakers.
Webinar (Presentation #4)- Introduction to SolSmart
Recorded 02/21/2023  |  16 minutes
Recorded 02/21/2023  |  16 minutes In the final presentation of this webinar listen in to Dave Golembeski, SolSmart Senior Program Manager at IREC as he talks about free technical assistance that is available through the SolSmart program to help communities support electrification through solar power.
Webinar (Final Q&A) Residential Building Electrification Pathways
Recorded 02/21/2023  |  9 minutes
Recorded 02/21/2023  |  9 minutes During this Q&A session, the presenters cover a few questions from the audience about what homeowners and building owners can do to prepare for electrification, what might have to change in terms of operation and maintenance when we electrify buildings, and what is known today about electric equipment durability. When you are done, please consider filling out a short survey which goes a long way to helping us provide resources that most effectively meet your needs and those of the EMPOWERED project.
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