Recommended Training for First Responders

  • Contains 20 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Learn the basics of how to operate safely when responding to a solar-equipped structure.

    Can you spray water on solar panels? Is a roof top solar array hazardous on a cloudy day? Boost your confidence when operating around solar electric (photovoltaic) systems by learning from an experienced fire chief. There are fourteen brief videos that describe components and provide case studies from which to learn. Watch how departments respond to incidents on solar-equipped structures, both residential and commercial. Check your understanding throughout with four knowledge checks.

    ***2024 update*** You are certain to find some great information in this course, so please proceed. The course was originally developed in 2016. The information is still relevant, and it is well worth your time. Please note, however, that there are several newer aspects of the technology that are not addressed in the course. Most significantly, there is no mention of rapid shutdown, and the course covers only PV and not energy storage. Both rapid shutdown and energy storage represent significant impacts on responder actions and safety.  For the most up to date training for fire service professionals, please visit NFPA and UL training solutions.